Top Soil :                                                                                                               

  • Triple Mix                                                (High grade filled with micro-nutrients)
  • Compost (Organic dark & rich soil) 
  • Quarter & Half Inch Screened top soil (Used for grading and filler)

Custom Fertilizer blends available for:

  • lawns
  • gardens
  • flowers
  • trees and shrubs

Grass Seed for every environment

Top Trimming Landscaping & Maintenance can provide you with the proper care for your landscaping needs. We offer custom blend packages for lawn and gardens as well as trees and shrubs. Some of our services include:

​Seasonal Cleanups 

  • Removing debris, dead branches & twigs
  • Thatching grass clippings
  • Seasonal trimming of shrubs, hedges & trees
  • Leaf removal
  • Seasonal garden preparation
  • Snow removal & salting (call for inquiry)

Soil Amendment: Volcanic Minerals Plus

Available in three different sizes to suit your lawn and garden needs.

Rubber Mulch lasts longer than wood mulch!

Available in three different colours:


Tree Care

  • ​​Tree & Shrub installation and removal
  • Tree & Shrub fertilizer
  • Tree Analysis (fungus, insects, etc.)
  • Trimming & pruning 

Lawn Care 

  • ​​Weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing & trimming
  • Aerating 
  • Lawn rolling
  • Lawn care packages
  • Custom fertilizer blends
  • Weed control


Top Trimming Landscaping
& Maintenance 

226-921-0461 or 519-301-2421

​Garden Maintenance 

  • ​Garden & flower bed design
  • Garden fertilizer package
  • Custom fertilizer blends
  • Weekly & bi-weekly garden maintenance
  • Plant installation & removal

Wood Mulch:

  • All Natural Mulch 
  • Coloured ​Mulch 

​Top Trimming Landscaping & Maintenance